HairLogica is a completely natural product containing plant and herbal extracts.
HairLogica is a very effective natural stimulant for activating the hair growth and encouraging the process of the growth of new hair even when bald.
The initial treatment slows down and stops the hair loss. When prolonged the treatment brings to activating the hair growth on the bald parts of the head. HairLogica is suitable for daily use.

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HairLogica can be used on wet or dry hair. Start treatment where thin hairs first and slowly move to the bald areas.
Prior to the usage, stir the bottle energetically. Put 1-2 drops on a square cm directly on the skin of your head and massage energetically the scalp with a circular motion. Keep for 5 min before brushing or using a fan. The product is not to be washed. After treatment, you should not dry your hair with a towel. It is recommended to brush your hair with a widely-spaced brush.
After treatment, wash your hands. In case the product falls into your eyes, wash them carefully. It is normal that some hairs might fall out on your palms. With time the hair fall-out will decrease. It is recommended to use the product twice a day for 3-4 days before washing your hair and applying again. Itching on the head is the result of the newly grown hair. The recommended monthly treatment is between 3 and 5 packages of 25 ml. It is normal to use the product for at least 3 months to notice initial results.
The product does not have side effects. It is recommended to treat the hair more in the spring and autumn when it is susceptible to hair-loss. To be kept in a dark and cool place.
The product has a specific smell, due to its natural origin. It does not contain any conservatives.

Recommended price for 25ml is 8 GBP.


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